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Reagan's "A Time for Choosing"

Posted on Jun.5.2009 at 4:38
A good speech. Also known as The Speech. Titled, A Time for Choosing, it launched Reagan's political career. In it, he lays out his case against the Johnson administration's economic policies. And yet, though it may be a dry topic, the speech itself is anything but.

It's pretty amazing that Reagan's critics insisted in calling him an "amiable dunce" while he was president. Fortunately, thanks to recent publications like Reagan: In His Own Hand, such criticism is now impossible to sustain in public. It's reassuring to hear this speech now, and remember that leftist economic theories have been pushed and implemented far more extensively in the past than today. If anything, we may need such pushes in order to muster the enthusiasm to reform policy. Radical changes are the least stable. It's the slow steady encroachments that are the real threat.

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