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Posted on Sep.8.2011 at 6:56
What does "White" have to do with "Whiney"? Nothing, of course (it's the whiney people who are whiney), unless you're a racist. 
Now let me whine about this for a little bit and take a flippant phrase far more seriously than it was ever intended to be.
I'll begin.
What actually tweaks me about sites like this is the enthusiastic embrace of group identity by race. And then the conflation of natural-but-distasteful mental states with said racial group. StuffWhitePeopleLike, for example, is really Stuff-Yuppies-Like, or Stuff-Snobs-Like, or perhaps most accurately Stuff-Liberals-Like. Granted, many liberals are white, but most white people are not liberals (and I, for one, resent being lumped in with them).
WhiteWhine is likewise more accurately described as first-world-problems (as the site in fact describes itself). So why go with "white"? [because it rhymes, stupid]. The reason is this: the person who made the site subscribes to a primarily racial view of the divisions in society, rather than a more accurate "cultural" view ("culture" here being the collection of behaviors and patterns of thought and action that one adopts from those around them and expects to see from those around them). The person apparently believes that "White" is synonymous with "Wealthy".
It isn't. 

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